God’s Ultimate Victory Over Your Worst Circumstances

By Kyle Idleman Have you ever felt defeated by your circumstances? What is it that transforms defeat into the ultimate victory? I’ve got to be honest. As a pastor, my job is to help people understand their fundamental need for God. We are unable to navigate through this life on our own. So I help people recognize their need to … Read More

Renee’s Story: God’s Grace is Greater Than My Weakness

Renee's Story by City On a Hill - Christian Bible Study Resources

Is grace greater than your weakness? As Christians, we think we believe in God’s grace. We think we understand that it covers our sins, doubt, and failures. We want to accept that His Grace is greater than our limitations, too. But then daily life happens, and we forget about grace. We try to do things on our own. We think … Read More

3 Reasons We Get a New Beginning As a Child of God

CHILD of GOD by City On a Hill Christian Bible Study Resources

3 Reasons We Get a New Beginning As a Child of God When my daughter Morgan was little I used to tell her, “If I could line up all the little girls in the world, I would choose you.” As she grew up I would always pray with her before bed. When Morgan was seven, she started praying every night, … Read More


By Kyle Idleman   DO IT YOURSELF CULTURE We are living in a DIY culture. DIY, as you probably know, stands for Do It Yourself. We see our DIY orientation most with the self-help movement. Countless speakers and authors seek to convince us that, “I’m ok!” and “You’re ok!” and “I’m the answer to my problems!” and “You can be … Read More

The Remarkable Way God Makes All Wrong Things Right

You’ve seen the plotline, in movies or TV shows, probably multiple times. It goes like this… Mom and Dad are going on a trip. The parents are hitting the road for a little vacation, or to visit family, and they’ll be gone for a few days. They decide to leave the kids on their own. It’s the first time the … Read More


By Kyle Idleman I remember the night, years ago, when I was putting my five-year-old daughter to bed. We finished saying prayers then, as I was leaving, she called out, “Hey, Dad.” I stopped, “Yes, honey?” She asked, “Where did God come from?” I thought about it for a minute. I wanted to give her something she could feel good … Read More


When we lose life as we know it here in the shadows of holiness, we will find greater and more abundant life than we could ever have imagined.


The Worst Sinner I Know by Kyle Idleman

Grace isn’t something you dissect and define. It’s something that collides with and forever changes your life. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, because before your life can collide with grace, you must first collide with the reality of your sin.

Can You Forgive Me?

By Kyle Idleman Mr. Williams looked up from the starched white bed sheets to his nurse and asked, “Would you call my daughter Janie and tell her that I have had a mild heart attack? She is the only family that I have.” His eyes welled up with tears and his respiration sped up…