Does the book go along with the Small Group Study (or journal)?

The books (chapter books) listed for sale on our store were not written to be read simultaneously with our Small Group Studies.  If you are looking for a print material to go along with the Small Group Studies, we recommend the Participant Guides/Journals.  

Do you have to use the Participant Guides/Journals with the Small Group Studies?  

The Participant Guides/Journals are great resources to go along with the Small Group Studies, but they are optional.   These journals/guides are not in the “fill-in-the-blank” style where participants would need to bring them to group each week.  Our Participant Guides/Journals are intended to be used throughout the week, in between group sessions, and have questions for reflection relating back to the previous week’s lesson.  Most of our Small Group Study Kits include one Participant Guide/Journal for the leader to preview.  

I just want to watch the videos myself.  Can I get the Small Group Study if it is just for me?

Sure!  While our Small Group Studies are designed for groups to use and go through together, individuals or families can certainly use them on their own.

Are your videos available for online viewing/streaming?

Yes!  For more information, please visit our online rental page

What are your copyright rules?

If you’re thinking about copying, reproducing, or doing anything with our material other than its original purpose, please CALL us. We want to help you stay within the legal bounds of copyright laws.

As a general rule of thumb, here are some guidelines:

Under no circumstances can our discs be copied and/or distributed. Standard copyright laws allow up to one “chapter” of a book or guide to be photocopied. Our Pastor’s Kits are designed to give you the rights to use any of our logos on any of your promotional material. Our Movie Event Packages are designed to give you the required license to show our movies to a large audience. For more information, see the questions below…


Why do I need a church movie license?  

The U.S. Copyright Act requires a license to legally show a movie in a public venue, including a church, school, camp, etc. Your license gives you permission to promote and show the film to public audiences as often as you like for the next 12 months. If you choose not to renew your license after a year, you may keep the DVD in your church-lending library for personal use.

A movie license does not allow you to charge admission, but you may help recover costs by charging for refreshments, childcare or other fundraising methods.


We have a CVLI license or agreement with PureFlix. Will this work for your movies?

No. City on a Hill is not covered under these licenses.  


Do you still sell some of your original short films?

Yes, we have limited quantities of some of these.  To place an order for those, please call 502-245-2425.  


Do you sell your products at wholesale?

Our products are available for resale. Most of the major Christian distribution companies carry our products. If you are interested in more information regarding our wholesale pricing and/or availability, please CLICK HERE and fill out the form.


Is COAH affiliated with any one denomination?

No.  City on a Hill is not affiliated with any one denomination.  

So what is City Gives? 

CityGives is the ministry side of City on a Hill where we partner with individuals and groups to give our products to ministries in need. To learn more about CityGives CLICK HERE

How can I be a part of one of your productions?  

We will announce both volunteer opportunities and casting information in newsletters when available. 

Do you accept scripts or story ideas for future productions?

At this time, we are not accepting scripts for future productions.

Do you ever donate materials?

Yes, we love to partner with ministries in need as we are able.  Please click HERE and fill out the Charitable Donations Request form.

Is City on a Hill a ministry of Southeast Christian Church?

Though we have a partnership with Southeast Christian Church, we are a separate entity and do not operate under the church’s budget.